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The Heart of the Elephant is a documentary that is highlighting the very real, raw and imminent future of elephants in 2019.

The truth of the Asian elephant, and what lies behind the tourism and show of the elephants, the good example of Sri Lanka's herds that are now under threat due to terrorism, the reopening of trophy hunting and culling of the elephants of Botswana and the always looming threat of ivory and poaching will all be at the forefront of the film.


But beyond the reality of what these gentle giants face, is the science and truth of the wonderful, complex emotional behavior that we as humans have so much to learn from. If we cannot save this giant, who loves, grieves and forgives on a level comparable to ourselves, what really does that say about the human race?


Join us, as we work with non-profits and people who give their lives to saving these creatures, to tell a story of hope and change in the face of extinction.

Monies raised will provide much needed donations to the non-profits we work with for allowing us to film with them, and reach the greater audience to share the very important heart of the elephant. 

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